We have an experience of more than twenty years offering the most advancead, design, technology, service and profitability for chemist´s, drugstores, sporting and commercial centers, gyms…

We are looking for a solutions to needs of the pharmaceutical market because weight control, blood pressure, service and space is necessary, launching a new generation of weight, measure, MFPs and urine tester are suitable for all needs.

Design, harmonizing with all environments, provides benefits that no other equipment offers in the actual markets:

Taken seated tension.






Provide high commercial and service sales: weight, measure, blood presure, calculated de BMI (Body Mass Index), weight babies, can offers messages of high visibility digital displays.

TFT color screens allow you to insert photos promote products and provide preventive and informations for users.

Video screen allows promotions of products, preventions and information messages for user. Allows chemist´s to promote their products.

High resistant and easy to use are adapted to be located in places with large crowds. All equipment can be programmed in language and accept all currencies of different countries, present and future in the world.

We have a high share in the Spanish a French markets export to several countries in diferent continents.